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What We Do?
Founded in 1972, Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer of industrial instruments, wireless control system, wireless sensor, and automatic control equipment. Hongguang is a state owned enterprise and is one of the subsidiaries of SUYI Group.

Presently, we mainly provide 9 categories of products, including valves, calibrators, water meters, paperless recorders, limit and level switches, as well as flow, pressure, level, and temperature measuring instruments. Our flagship products include the electromagneticflowmeter, metal tube rotameter, gauge pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter,temperature transmitter, bimetal thermometer, portable pressure calibrator, paperless recorder, float level switch and so on. They are popular flow, level, temperature and pressure measurement solutions for industries such as petroleum, chemical, papermaking, water treatment, municipal engineering, food processing, power generation, steelmaking, coal, pharmaceutical, and environmental protection.

Hongguang is a certified measurement solutions provider for CNPC, SINOPEC, GD Power Development Co., Ltd., China Huadian Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Datang Corporation, Shenhua Group, and over 70% large iron and steel enterprises in China.

Our products have been exported to over 20 countries around the world. To further expand our market share, we welcome worldwide automatic instrumentation distributors and sales agents to work with us, and also welcome end users to contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

Research and Development Capacity
We are the Industrial IOT Technology Research Center for Chinese Academy of Sciences, and are also a member of China Instrument Manufactures Association. Up to now, we have earned over 60 patented products which are designed based on our intellectual property rights.

We are outfitted with a complete range of production and testing facilities, including: 2 production and testing lines for pressure and liquid level transmitters, 1 for pressure calibrators, 2 for temperature sensors, 1 for pressure gauges, 2 for flowmeters, 2 for level measurement instruments, 2 for control valves, 1 for bimetal thermometers, and 1 for display and control instruments.

We are committed to improving our competitiveness through technical innovation, management innovation, concept innovation, and introducing advanced technologies and management experience. We will meet market demands through continuous innovation, and create Hongguang and SUYI Group into a first class supplier in Chinese industrial automatic instrumentation and automatic control equipment fields.

April 1972

Jinhu Hongguang Instrument Factory was established.

May 1980
Earned praise from the Government because of our industrial instruments utilized on the earliest launch vehicle in China

August 1990
Successfully developed the first smart pressure calibrator with accuracy of Class 0.05 which passed the testing and examination of Chinese authorities.

October 1998
Successfully developed the first automatic pressure calibrator which also passed the testing and examination of Chinese authorities.

March 1999
Started the intelligent level meter project through cooperation with ARJAY of Canada.

June 2000
Developed the intelligent instrument calibration system

August 2001
Developed the handheld process signal calibrator which offers accuracy up to 0.02%

February 2002
Renamed as Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd.

September 2008
SUYI Group was founded, with Hongguang as its key subsidiary.

By now, we have exported our products to over 20 countries, including Chile , Indonesia , Singapore , Malaysia , India , Brazil , Spain , South Africa , the Philippines, Nigeria , Australia , Russia, Pakistan , Sri Lanka, Sweden , Bangladesh , the UK, Italy , Uganda, etc.

Jiangsu Hongguang Instrument Factory Co., Ltd. (A Subsidiary of SUYI Group)
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