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PSQ Rotary Electric Valve Actuator

PSQ rotary electric valve actuator is characterized by small size, light weight, and powerful functions. It is convenient in operation due to its built-in servo amplifier. The rotary actuator is compatible with butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves and other rotary motion valves requiring approximately a quarter turn and on/off motions.

When the electric actuator is connected with a connecting rod, it can also be utilized for air door and baffle adjustment. With optional square output drive, it can be connected with valves.

Main Technical Specifications
Model PSQ50 PSQ65 PSA75 PSQ100 PSQ200 PSQ500 PSQ700
Torque (N. M) 50 65 75 100 200 500 700
Full stroke time (S) 22 22 22 8, (16), 23, 32, (57), 85, 153 7, 12, (20), 27, 38, (60), 100, 120 (23), 29, (43), (82), 115, 153 (23), 29, (43), (82), 115, 153
Output connection flange standard ISO5211 F05 F05 F05 F05 F07/10 F10/F12 F10/F12
Power supply voltage Single phase 24/110/220V 50Hz
Three phase 380V 50Hz
Working mode VDE 0530 S2/S4 (S2 - on/off control; S4 - regulation control)
Manual operation Hand wheel
Protection grade DIN40050 IP67
Installation position Any position without inverting the motor
Ambient temperature -20 ~ 80 ℃
Hand wheel revolution for full closing
18 18 18 18 18 18 18
Weight (kg) 7 7 7 7 13 27 27
Optional Accessories of the Rotary Electric Valve Actuator
Name Code Specifications
Housing DIN40050 IP68 Waterproof and dustproof
Additional limit switch 2WE 2 off, 220V 5A contact, including cam, installation components, lead wire, terminals
Position signal generator PD210 1000Ω ± 5% / linearity ± 0.4%
PD2210 (ideal for valve actuators fitted with both position transmitter and servo amplifier) 2 x 1000Ω ± 5% / linearity ±0.4%, including installation components, gear, lead wire, terminals
Position transmitter ESG-Z 2 wire system, 4-20mA output, 500Ω impedance, linearity 0.05%, external 24V DC power supply
Additional servo amplifier PSAP2 220V AC/50Hz power supply; 150V AC switching power; input signal: 4-20mA, 2-10V
Input impedance: 150Ω
Output signal: 1-5V DC or 4-20mA
500 Ω load
Repeatability: ± 1%, sensitivity: ±0.5- 5% adjustable; Hysteresis error: 50% sensitivity
Heating resistor H 220V /50Hz, 20W, including installation components, lead wire, terminals
Optional voltage, frequency Single phase: 24V/50Hz, 110V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz
Three phase: 380V/50Hz, 500V/50Hz, DC power supply is optional
Corrosion protection K2
Additional torque switch 2DE 2 off, 220V 5A contact, including cam, installation components, lead wire, terminals
Serves to prevent motor stalling
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