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Tee Ball Valve

HG8505 series tee ball valve is designed to control the flow in a three-way pipeline through changing the relative angle between the ball and the pipeline. It is a great flow regulation and control solution for liquids, steam and gases.

The valve actuator can be designed as per clients' demands.

Main Technical Specifications
Nominal diameter Full bore ball valve 20 25 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
Reduced bore ball valve - - - - - - - 125 150 200
Nominal pressure 1.6, 2.5, 4.0MPa
Product model Pneumatic actuated ball valves HG8505Q (with GIX, AL pneumatic actuator)
Electric actuated ball valves HG8505D (with UNIC, PSQ, HQ, DHL electric actuator)
Flange standard HG20592-2009, ANSI, JIS, DIN, etc.
Flow Path Diagram
Materials, Working Temperature, and Leakage Rate
Valve material Cast steel, stainless steel (SS304, SS316, SS316L)
Ball material Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, SS316L)
Valve rod material Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, SS316L)
Stuffing material Teflon
Sealing form Flexible seal Rigid seal
Sealing material Teflon Teflon reinforced by carbon fiber Stainless steel or stainless steel + stellite alloys
Leakage rate Class VI
< 10-7 – 10-6 rated flow
Class IV
< 10-4 rated flow
Working temperature -20 ~ 150 ℃ -20 ~ 180 ℃ -20 ~ 250 ℃
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