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Manifold Valves

We can supply 2-way, 3-way and 5-way manifolds to suit individual demands. Contact with one of our manifold valves sales engineers today to select a product for your instruments.

2-way Manifolds
This range of manifold valves is typically used in combination with pressure transmitters and pressure gauges. It acts to isolate the pressure measuring point from the positive and negative pressure chambers of differential pressure transmitters, or to connect or break the passage between the positive and negative chambers.

2-valve manifolds are often used on field instruments to offer multi-way passage. They can help reduce workload due to convenient installation and can improve system reliability.

Process connector: 1/2NP, 1/4NPT

3-way Manifolds
The 3-way manifold is composed of the valve body, two globe valves, and one equalizer valve.

On-line zero calibration for differential pressure transmitter: firstly open the equalizer valve and then close the two globe valves.

The 3 valve manifold is compatible with 3051, 1151 and EJA series transmitters.
Thread: 1/2" NPT
Manifold valve material: SS201, SS304, SS316
Temperature: ≤ 260℃
Nominal pressure: 16MPa, 20MPa, 40MPa

5-way Manifolds
The 5-way manifold is made up of a high pressure valve, a low pressure valve, a equalizer valve and two drain valves. It is usually used together with differential pressure transmitters, flow transmitters, and liquid level transmitters.

During working, the two drain valves and equalizer valve shall be closed. When the manifold valves are used for transmitter zero calibration, close the high and low pressure valves, open the equalizer valve and two drain valves, and finally close the equalizer valve.

Thread: 1/2" NPT
Material: SS304, SS316
Temperature: ≤ 450℃
Nominal pressure: 32MPa

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