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Solenoid Valve

HGKC series solenoid valve is engineered to electrically control the opening and closing of pneumatic valves. Meeting NAMUR connection standard, it can be installed directly on the side of pneumatic actuators without the demand of connection tubes.

We can supply both single coil solenoid valves and double coil solenoid valves to meet the demands of varied instrumentation control system. 2-position 5-way solenoid valves are typically used for double acting actuators, while 2-position 3-way solenoid valves are great for single acting actuators. All our products feature simple and compact structure design and have long service life.

Our line of solenoid valve is classified into basic IP67 version and explosion proof version with protection level of ExdIIBT4. The latter is ideal for high explosive environments.

Main Technical Specifications
Working medium Air (filtered by 40μm filters)
Power consumption 220V AC: 3.9VA 6.0VA 8.5VA
Connector Air inlet: G 1/4
Air exhaust: G1/4 24V DC; 2.5W, 4.8W
Net sectional area (mm2) 35
Reversing time (s) 0.05
Lubrication No need (may also be oil lubricated)
Manual operation mode Press down for reversing (press down and revolve for self-locking)
Working pressure ( MPa ) 0.15-0.8
Working temperature ( ℃ ) 0-50 ℃ , without freezing
Voltage tolerance Standard voltage ± 15%
Basic version IP65
Explosion proof version Exd II BT4
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