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Electric Valve Positioner

HG-1000 series electric valve positioner is designed to use in combination with pneumatic control valves. It serves to convert DC current signals from control valves into pressure, thus realizing valve action control.

Also, the control valve positioner offers feedback on valve displacement, allowing the control valve to position accurately according to the output control signal.

The valve positioner is compatible with single acting spring return actuators and double acting actuators.

1. High vibration resistance: make no difference when the vibration frequency is 5-200Hz
2. The gas-guide tube supports connection from any direction, because of the multihole design of the positioner
3. Convenient switching between direct and reverse action
4. When the electric valve positioner is used for a small sized actuator, it can help reduce influences caused by vibration by utilizing exhaust holes.
5. Modular structure design ensures convenient maintenance.
6. Simple feedback connection
8. Low air consumption

Main Technical Specifications of the Electric Valve Positioner
Model HG1000L ( Linear positioner ) HG1000R ( Rotary positioner )
Single acting positioner Reverse acting positioner Single acting positioner Reverse acting positioner
Input signal 4-20mA below 24V DC
Resistance 250 ±15 Ω
Air supply pressure 1.4-7 kgf/cm3 (20-100 psig)
Stroke 10-150 mm 0-90°
Gas-guide tube connection PT (NPT) 1/4
Pressure gauge connection PT (NPT) 1/8
Gas-guide tube PF 1/2
Explosion protection Exi a II BT6, Exdm II BT6
Protection grade IP66
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ - 70 ℃
Linearity ± 1% ± 2%
Hysteresis error 1%
Sensitivity ± 0.2% ± 0.5%
Repeatability ± 0.5%
Air consumption 3 LPM (Sup =20 psi )
Flow 80 LPM (Sup =20 psi )
Material Cast aluminum
Weight 2.8 kg (approx.) s
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