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Self-actuating Pressure Control Valve

HG8301 series self-actuating pressure control valve doesn't depend on any external energy for pressure control. By utilizing the medium as the energy source to control the valve core position, it alters the pressure difference and flow at two ends so as to maintain a stable pressure within pipelines or vessels.

Our self actuated pressure control valves feature quick respsonse, great sealing performance and small fluctuation of set-point pressure. They are popular pressure controllers for gases, liquids and steam.

Types and Specifications
1. To suit individual demands, we can provide our clients with single-seat control valves, double-seat control valves, and cage-guided control valves.
2. There are diaphragm actuators and piston actuators for option.
3. According to action form, the self actuating pressure control valve is divided into the H series pressure reducing valve for downstream pressure regulation and Q series pressure release valve for upstream pressure regulation.
4. Nominal pressure level: PN16, 40, 64
5. Valve body caliber: DN20~300
6. Leakage classification: II, IV, VI
7. Flow characteristic: quick-opening
8. Pressure adjustment range: 15-2500KPa
9. The self-actuating pressure control valve can be used in combination with each other to meet application demands
10. According to pressure level variation, clients can choose valves with diaphragm or cylinder actuators.

1. Eliminating the demand of external auxiliary energy, the self-actuating pressure control valve supports working in places without access to electricity or pneumatic source. Thus it is convenient to use and helps save energy.
2. Fine and overlapped division of pressure level ensures high adjustment accuracy.
3. The set-point pressure can be continuously adjusted during operation.
4. When the control valve is used for downstream pressure regulation, the upstream and downstream pressure ratio ranges from 10:1 to 10:8.
5. Rubber diaphragm actuators ensure high detection accuracy and quick response.
6. The pressure balance system makes the pressure control valve quick in action and accurate in control.

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