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Limit Switch

APL series limit switch is designed to serve as a valve position indicator in industrial automatic control system. It sends out contact signals to indicate the actual valve position. The signals are then accepted by a programmable logic controller or computer which will carry out the following steps. As a popular selection of industrial control components, the limit switch can also be used for key valves interlock protection and remote alarm purposes in automatic control systems.

1. Cast aluminum alloy housing with powder coating ensures aesthetical appearance and reliable quality.
2. The switch position is clearly indicated by indicators.
3. The cam is installed via spline shaft and springs, which allows for convenient adjustment without using of tools.
4. The limit switch is designed with a terminal block supporting 8 standard terminals, and thus the wiring is safe and convenient.
5. Standard electrical interfaces
6. During installation and uninstallation processes, the bolts will attach on the top cover and won't fall off.
7. The limit switch is convenient for installation. The connection for stainless steel spindle and mounting bracket both meet NAMUR standard.

Technical Specifications
Model APL-310N APL-410N
Protection grade / Explosion protection of housing IP67 IP67 Exd II BT6
Working temperature -25 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Wiring interfaces 2 x 1/2NPT (standard) PT 1/2, PF1/2. M20, PG13.5 (optional) 2 x 3/4NPT (standard) PT 3/4, PF 3/4 (optional)
Wiring terminals 8 (standard) 9-24 (optional) 8 (standard) 9-24 (optional)
Position display 0-90 °(standard) 0-180 °(optional) 0-90° (standard) 0-180° (optional)
Open - yellow
Close - red
Microswitch Mechanical, inductive, or spring-loaded proximity switch
Potentiometer 1K ohm (0-5K ohm, 0-10K ohm)
Current feedback 4-20mA (20-4 mA )
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