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RF Admittance Level Switch

1. The RF admittance level switch is designed with a unique circuit board which can help filter the fake signals caused by mediums adhering or hanging around the probe, thus ensuring accurate level indication.
2. According to the working principle of RF admittance level sensor, the level switch can be used to detect whether there are materials in a container. It supports setting of high and low limit alarms.
3. The RF admittance level switch supports level detection for variety of materials, such as refined oil, gasoline, conductive mud, etc.
4. By utilizing varied probes, it can be used for level measurement and control purposes for liquids, powder, large solid block materials, or corrosive materials under high temperature or high pressure conditions.

Applications of the RF Admittance Level Switch
1. Monitoring the material level of flour or wheat.
2. Monitoring the material level of coal ash.
3. Monitoring the material level of cement silo.
4. Monitoring the level of lubricating oil.
5. Monitoring the level of sewage.
6. Monitoring the material level of silica sand and broken glass.
7. Monitoring the material level of sand.
8. Monitoring the level of dacron, spandex, acid or alkali.
9. Monitoring the level of bubbly water or other materials in a pressure container.

Main Technical Parameters of the RF Admittance Level Switch
Housing material Cast Aluminum
Probe Material: SS304/SS316, PTFE
Installation thread: 1" NPT, 3/4" NPT
Operating temperature: -184 C to 260 C (select high-temp ceramic probe for temperature over 260 C)
Operation pressure: 0-2 MPa
Power supply 120/240V AC, 50/60Hz
24V DC
Power 3 W
Electrical interface 3/4" NPT
Failure alarm Upper limit or lower limit, adjustable at site
Output relay DPDT, 10A 115V AC or 26V DC (resistive) or 5A 220V AC
Delay time 0-30s adjustable (open or close)
Ambient temp. -40 to +66 C
Sensitivity 0.5pf to 750 pf
Explosion-proof Grade I, Team C or D
Grade II, Team E, F or G
Power off protection NO or NC, switchable at site
Note: Please specify when ordering for special requirements.
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