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Displacer Level Switch

HGFL-1200 series displacer level switch is designed and manufactured to meet high temperature and high pressure operation demands. It is designed to meet ANSIB31.1 standard.

Due to rational structure design and enhanced reliability, the displacer type level switch can sensor liquid level accurately even under bad working conditions and then perform switch action. It can be used as a control and alarm system for various liquid containers and supports working with high temperature and high pressure mediums.

This range of displacer level switch is often found in industries such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, food processing, pharmaceutical, and more.

Design Advantages
The liquid level sensor is designed with multiple installation methods and structures, so as to accommodate the different connection formats of equipment sets in petroleum and chemical engineering industries.

It is your optimum choice if you are looking for superior quality liquid level switches for industrial liquid level measurement and control purposes.

Main Technical Parameters
Output signal Two standalone SPDT touch spot
Measurement accuracy Liquid level control is ±4mm, interface level measurement and control is ±10mm
Contact capacity Resistive load:16A250VAC,10A 30VDC,0.6A125VDC Inductive load: 10A 250VAC,10A 30VDC ,0.6A125VDC
Switch life ≥5x105 times
Operating temperature Standard type: -40~ 200 ℃ High temperature type: ≤540 ℃
Environment temperature -40 to 80 ℃
Nominal pressure 2.5, 4.0 ,6.4MPa ;11,16,25,32 MPa
Medium density 0.4 to 3.0g/cm3
Medium density difference ≥0.16g/cm3
Electrical interface NPT1/2(F) or M20x1.5
Explosive-proof grade Flame-proof type ExdIICT6; Intrinsic safety type ExiaIICT6
Protection grade IP67
Process connection Side-mounted type: DN25 PN4.0 convex flange Top-mounted type: DN100 PN4.0 convex flange
Contact of the steam jacket G1/2" male thread
Material contacting liquid Floating ball, float bowl: 304, 316L, 347
Flange connected CS, 304, 316L, 347
Junction Box Aluminium alloy
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