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Float Level Switch

HGFQ series float level switch is a great liquid level measurement and control solution in all kinds of industrial automation process control. It is extensively used in industries such as oil processing, food processing, chemical engineering, water treatment, pharmaceutical, power generation, papermaking, metallurgy, ship building and boiler.

Main Technical Parameters of the Float Level Switch
Environment temperature: -20~70 C(Sensor section), 5~40C(console cabinet section)
Relative humidity: 5%~100%
Operating pressure: 1.2 MPa
Insertion depth: 500~6000 mm
Medium temperature: -20~125C
Medium viscosity: ≤0.05 Pa·S
Medium density(g/cm3): 0.35~0.5, 0.5~0.75, 0.75~1.5
Contact capacity of the switch control point: AC 220V, 1A-5A
Type of switch control point: single-pole single-throw or SPDT (single-pole double-throw)
Explosion-proof mark: Exd II BT4(flame-proof type)
Exib II BT4(Intrinsic safety explosion-proof type)
Protection grade of enclosure: IP68

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