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Paperless Recorder,


HGPR6000R series 16-channel universal input paperless recorder with color display supports input signals such as standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance, and so on. Other functions include relay alarm output, transmitter output, flow accumulation, temperature and pressure compensation, transfer storage of historical data, printing and remote communication.

1. The paperless recorder is designed with a 5.6 inch 320 * 234 dot-matrix TFT high brightness and color graphic LCD. With LED backlight, the display unit ensures clear images and wide viewing angle.
2. The data recorder supports 12-way relay alarm output. HGPR6116 series only supports 8-channel relay alarm output.
3. Integrates the latest large-scale integrated circuit, and high-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor.
4. With fully isolated universal input, the paperless recorder supports inputting a great variety of signals. It can be configured by software directly without jumper.
5. Novel switching power supply enables the paperless recording system to function properly within the range of 85VAC ~ 265VAC.
6. The built-in real-time clock can run accurately in the case power down.
7. Provide isolated 24VDC power supply for transmitter.
8. The data logger integrates large capacity FLASH memory chips for historical data storage, which effectively prevents data loss in case of power down.

1. The paperless recorder supports inputting a variety of standard signals, including current, voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, thermal resistance, etc.
2. Signal full-scale accuracy: ± 0.2%
3. Optoelectronic devices are used between channels and they are completely isolated.
4. Provide standard 4-20mA signals for transmitter output

1. Password is utilized to protect configuration data
2. Easy menu configuration: the paperless recorder can be configured freely and can display the tag number and engineering units
3. The recorder supports display engineering quantities in five digits: -9999~ 19999, and it also supports the calculation of vacuum degree and the display of scientific notation.
4. It supports indicating the lowest limit alarm, low limit alarm, high limit alarm, and the highest limit alarm of all channels simultaneously. It can record up to recent 15 alarms.
5. Each channel comes with flow accumulation function, and supports hourly report, 8-hour shift report, 12-hour shift report, daily and monthly reports and more.
6. The paperless recorder has Trend Display Mode. Horizontal and vertical trends are optional.
7. Support max. 4 groups of temperature and pressure compensation for mediums such as water, steam, and gases; compatible with vortex flowmeters and orifice plate flowmeters.
8. The powerful T6 input method is easy to operate, enabling input of numbers, characters, special symbols, subscripts and superscripts, etc.

1. Standard serial communication interface: RS-485 or RS-232C
2. The paperless recorder is compatible with standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, providing a great variety of data types, such as the percentage, engineering quantities, accumulation and so on.
3. In addition to our data management software, it also accepts some popular configuration software, such as the iFIX, MCGS, etc.
4. The data acquisition system uses USB2.0 interface for transfer storage and backup of history records. It supports maximum 8G USB flash drives.
5. It supports the FAT32 file system. Windows system can automatically identify the backup data files without format conversion.
6. The paperless recorder can be connected with an external micro-printer, thus allowing for manual data and trend printing. It can also automatically print the real-time data so as to meet users' demands.

General Specifications

Installation: Install the embedded instrument panel (vertical instrument panel). It is allowed a maximum 30 degrees tilt back in installation.
Dashboard thickness: 2-26mm
Dimensions: 144 (W) * 122 (H) * 220 (D) mm

Input section
Input points: 1-12 channels, 16 channel
Measuring period: 1 second

Input Type
Input Type Measuring range
Current 10m A 0.00 ~ 10.00m A
20m A 4.00 ~ 20.00m A
Voltage 20m V 0.00 ~ 20.00m V
100m V 0.00 ~ 100.00m V
5V 0.000 ~ 5.000V
10V 0.000 ~ 10.000V
Resistance 350Ω 0.0 ~ 350.0Ω
RTD Cu50 -50.0 ~ 140.00 C
Cu53 -50.0 ~ 140.00 C
BA1 -100.0 ~ 600.00 C
BA2 -100.0 ~ 600.00 C
Pt100 -200.0 ~ 650.00 C
Thermocouple B 500 ~ 1800
S 0 ~ 1600
K 0 ~ 1300
E 0 ~ 1000
J 0 ~ 1000
R 0 ~ 1600
N 0 ~ 1300
T 0 ~ 380
Wre5-26 0 ~ 1800
High Temperature Radiometer F1 700 ~ 2000
F2 700 ~ 2000
Frequency Voltage 0 ~ 10000Hz

Display section
1. Display unit: 5.6 inch TFT color LCD (320 * 234 points)
2. Note: Over long time usage, some LCD display may come with changes in brightness. This is caused by liquid crystal characteristics, and the display is not damaged.
3. Display Group:
Display groups: 3 groups (1 ~ 12 channels), 4 groups (16 channels)
The number of channels that be can set: 4 channels
4. Display color: 256 colors
5. Channel tag number: 10 letters (numbers)
6. Channel Unit: 7 letters (numbers)
7. Status display: Display the screen name, card status, alarm status, USB device identification, etc.
8. Display screen: Measuring data display (overview, digital display, bar graph display, the trend display), the historical trend display, the information display (alarm information, the accumulative reports), functional screen (data backup, printing)
9. Overview: Display data and alarm status in all measuring channels.
10. Digital display update rate: 1 second
11. Trend display: vertical or horizontal
12. History trend: The paperless recorder can reproduce the data stored in memory, and the trend chart can be magnified by 1/2/4/8/16/32 times.
13. Alarm Information: can totally display 15 records

Storage function
External storage
Media: USB flash drives
Format: FAT32
Mode: File
Capacity: Maximum 8G
Internal storage
Media: Flash Memory
Format: Binary save
Mode: Continuous recording
1~12 channel

Recording interval Storage time
1 second 3 days
2 seconds 6 days
5 seconds 15 days
10 seconds 30 days
15 seconds 45days
30 seconds 90 days
1 minute 180 days
2 minutes 360 days
4 minutes 720 days

16 channels

Recording interval Storage time
1 second 40 hours
2 seconds 3 days
5 seconds 8 days
10 seconds 16 days
15 seconds 24 days
30 seconds 48 days
1 minute 96 days
2 minutes 192 days
4 minutes 384 days

Alarm function
Set numbers: 4 alarms can be set for every channel
Alarm types: highest limit alarm, high limit alarm, low limit alarm and lowest limit alarm.
Delay Alarm: can be set in the parameter settings, and all alarms use the same setting.
Setting range: 0 ~ 10 seconds
Display: when an alarm occurs, the alarm status will be displayed on the screen

About the clock
Clock: Hardware clock. It can keep running in case of power-down.
Operating Range: 2001 ~ 2099
Clock Accuracy: ± 10ppm (0 ~50 ℃), not including the delayed error (1 sec) caused by turning on the power.

Power supply
Voltage: 220VAC
Voltage range: 85VAC ~ 265VAC
Frequency: 50Hz
Power consumption: Max. 30W (including optional function)

Normal operating conditions
Power Supply Voltage: 220VAC
Power frequency: 50Hz
Ambient temperature: 0-50 ℃
Humidity: 0% -85% (non-condensing)
Installation location: indoor

Additional Specifications
Alarm output relay (/ A6, / A8, /A 12)

Output points: it can be selected from 12 and 24 points.
Communication function (/ C2/ C3)
Media: RS-232 (/ C2) or RS-485 (/ C3)
Protocol:Modbus-RTU (slave) protocol
Communication rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600
Print function (/ C4)
Printer: Panel-type micro printer
Print content: real-time data, historical data, accumulative reports
Printing method: manual print, regular print
Analog output (/ T1, / T2, / T 3, / T4)
Signal type: 4-20mA
Output points: it can be selected from 1- 4 points.
Output type: transmission output of the measuring channels.
Maximum load: 750Ω
Note: HGPR6116 series paperless recorder has no analog output function.
24VDC transmitter power output (/ TP 4)
Output Voltage: 24VDC
Rated output current: 4 ~ 20mADC
Maximum output current: 65mADC (over-current protection is available when the operation current exceeds 90mA)
USB Interface (/ U)
USB interface specification: meets the Rev2.0 standards, host function
Interface Number: 1 (front)
The device which can be connected: USB Disk
Accumulative / reporting (/ L)
Accumulative range: 0 ~ 999,999,999
Report Type: hourly, 8-hour shift report, 12-hour shift report, daily and monthly report
Report Length:

Report Type Length of Time
Hour report 16 days
8 -hour shift report 128 days
12 -hour shift report 192 days
Daily and Monthly report 1 year
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