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Thermocouple Calibrator

1. HGTX-2014 series thermocouple calibrator supports output of DC mV and can serve as a thermocouple simulator for simulation of thermocouple outputs.
2. Voltage, DC mV and thermocouple measurement.
3. Automatic and manual cold junction temperature compensation for thermocouple.
4. In addition to manual and automatic stepping, the thermocouple calibrator also supports 0~100% phase step and ramp output.

Summary of Source and Measure Functions
Functions Measure Source
DC V 0 ~ 30 V Not available
DC mV 0 ~ 100 mV 0 ~ 100 mV
Thermocouple E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N
Others Stepping output, ramp, phase step output, user-defined range
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