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Multifunctional Pressure Calibrator

The multifunctional pressure calibrator features a split-screen display for transmitter calibration. The upper display allows for measurement of voltage, current (with loop power), and resistance of a transmitter. It can also be applied to perform continuity tests. The lower display serves to measure and source voltage, current, frequency, resistance, thermocouple and RTD.

1. The multifunctional calibrator supports automatic and manual cold junction temperature compensation for thermocouples.
2. Support manual stepping, as well as automatic stepping and ramping.
3. IP67 protection grade. The multifunctional pressure calibrator also has automatic protection against the signal terminals connect to the 220V power supply.

Source and Measure Functions
Functions Measure Source
DC V 0 ~ 50V (the upper display ± 30V) 0 ~ 10V
DC mA 0 ~ 24mA (the upper display ± 24mA) 0 ~ 24mA
Frequency 1.000Hz ~ 100.00kHz 0.00Hz ~ 20.000kHz
Resistance 0 ~ 3200Ω 0 ~ 3200Ω
DC mV 0 ~ 100mV (the upper display ± 200mV) 0 ~ 100mV
RTD Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100 Pt100, Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
Thermocouple E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N E, J, K, T, B, R, S, N
Others Loop supply, Step, Ramp, Dual display
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