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Bimetal Thermometer

The bimetal thermometer is engineered for liquid, steam, and gas temperature measurement within temperature range of -80℃-+500℃. It is ideal for severe environment applications.

The temperature measuring instrument is a combination of thermocouple, RTD, temperature transmitter, and bimetal thermometer. In addition to on-site temperature indication, it also supports transmitting signals from thermocouples, resistance temperature indicators, or 2-wire temperature transmitters.

We mainly provide the following three styles of bimetal thermometers:
1. Electrical contact style
Technical parameters

(1) Accuracy: Class 1.5
(2) Time constant: J<40S
(3) Withstand pressure of thermowell: 6.3MPa
(4) Contact capacity: rated power: 10VA (noninductive); max. voltage: 220VAC; max. working current: 1A (noninductive); normally open contact with upper and lower limits
(5) Counter assembly working temperature: -25~55℃

2. Shock resistant style
With great shock resistance, WSSXN series electrical contact bimetal thermometer can be used to directly measure the temperature of liquids, steam and gases under harsh and vibrative environments. By filling oil into the thermometer, it can effectively avoid trembling of pointer caused by mechanical vibration.

(1) On-site temperature indication, direct and convenient
(2) Multiple structure designs to meet varied demands; no mercury and easy for temperature reading
(3) The thermowell is made of 1Gr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and Mo-Ti alloy, offering fantastic pressure bearing and corrosion resistance performance.
(4) Core-pulling style bimetal thermometer supports maintenance or core replacement without breakdown

3. Omni-directional style
Technical specifications

(1) Nominal diameter of dial: 100mm,150mm
(2) Accuracy: 1.0, 1.5
(3) Connection: M20x1.5, NPT1/2
(4) Thermal response time ≤40s
(5) Protection grade: IP55

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