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Armored RTD

The armored RTD comes with smaller diameter than platinum RTD assemblies. Easy for bending, it is ideal for applications with requirement on quick response and limitations on space. If you need a miniature temperature sensor for use on narrow pipelines, then the armored RTD is your optimum choice.

This collection of resistance temperature detector supports automatic detection of the temperature of liquids, gases, and solids within temperature range of -200~600℃. It can be connected with secondary instruments directly via copper wires. Due to superior electrical output performance, our armored RTD is able to send accurate signals to display units, recorders, regulators, scanners, data loggers, and computers to indicate the temperature change.

The thermowell for our armored RTD is made using stainless steel, and is filled with high density oxidation material to achieve electrical insulation. It offers fabulous antifouling property and mechanical strength, making the resistance thermometer great for harsh environments.

The outer diameter of armored RTD usually ranges between 2 and 8mm. The minimum diameter can be 0.25mm (K type: φ0.25mm; E type: φ1.0mm)

As compared with common resistance thermometers, the armored RTD has the following advantages:
1. Without internal air gap, it offers compact size. Low thermal inertia contributes to slight lag in temperature measurement
2. Wonderful mechanical performance, vibration resistance, and impact resistance
3. Can be bended to facilitate installation
4. Long service life

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