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RTD Assemblies

As a kind of temperature sensor, RTD assemblies are often used together with temperature transmitters, regulators and display instruments, so as to create a process control system. RTD assembly is a great solution to measure and control the surface temperature of various liquids, steam, gases and solids. Its measuring range is between -200℃ and 500℃.

In addition to commonly used IEC standard platinum resistance temperature detectors (Pt100 sensors), we also supply RTD assemblies with sensing elements made from copper (Cu50 sensors).

Platinum resistance thermometers
Platinum is an ideal material for making the RTD element, because of its stable physical and chemical properties, such as superior oxidation resistance, high specific resistance, and great machinability.

Platinum RTDs offer the highest temperature measurement accuracy, among all styles of industrial temperature measurement solutions.

As one of the four thermometers that meet ITS-90 standard, platinum RTD supports measuring temperatures from 13.8033K (-259.3467℃) to 1234.93K (961.78℃). Popular industrial platinum RTD assemblies include Pt100 and Pt10 types. Pt1000, Pt800 and Pt500 types are less commonly used.

Copper resistance thermometers
Copper is also a popular material for RTD sensing element construction, as it features low cost, easy purification, high temperature coefficient of resistance, great reproducibility, and can be easily processed into insulated copper wire. Copper offers linear resistance-temperature relationship within temperatures from -50 to 150℃.
Cu50 and Cu100 sensors are mostly commonly used industrial copper resistance thermometers.
Due to continuous cost reduction of platinum sensors, most industrial RTD assemblies prefer to choose platinum ones.

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