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RF Capacitance Level Transmitter

The RF capacitance level transmitter is designed based on capacitive sensing technique. With the height change of measuring electrode in the measured media, the capacitance varies as well. The capacitance level sensor is able to convert the height changing of material level or liquid level into standard current signals, and then remotely send the signal to the control room where there are secondary instruments or computers to offer centralized display, alarm or automatic control functions.

With rational structure design and convenient installation, the RF capacitance level transmitter can be used to detect the level various conductive liquids. It is an optimum continuous level measurement solution for acid, alkali, water, etc. in industries such as power generation, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and sewage treatment.

Model Selection
Main Technical Specifications
1. Measuring range 0-0.2~20m
2. Accuracy 0.5% F.S
3. Output 4-20mA
4. Load resistance 0 ~ 500Ω
5. Zero adjustment ≥ 30% FS
6. Measuring range adjustment ≥ 40% FS
7. Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
8. Power supply voltage 24V DC
9. Measuring media The capacitive liquid level sensor is compatible with non-crystallizing conductive liquids with conductivity not lower than 10 -3s/m, including acid, alkali, water, etc.
10. Media temperature -50 ℃ ~ +240 ℃
11. Compatible vessel pressure -0.1MPa ~ 32 MPa
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