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Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Our selection of hydrostatic level transmitter integrates premium quality pressure sensor assembly acquired from Germany SENSE. It is used for liquid level measurement purpose in urban water supply and drainage systems, water treatment plants, water reservoirs, rivers, oceans, oil tanks, etc. The liquid level transmitter is compatible with mediums such as water, oil, as well as acid, alkali or high viscosity liquids.

Design Principle and Working Principle
Our hydrostatic level transmitters are designed based on the direct proportional relationship between the hydrostatic pressure of measured liquid and the liquid level height. By making use of the piezoresistive effect of diffused silicon or ceramic sensitive elements, it can convert the hydrostatic pressure into electrical signals. Through temperature compensation and linearity correction, the hydrostatic level measurement instrument finally outputs 4-20mADC standard current signals.

1. High stability and accuracy.
2. The level sensor can be put into the liquid directly, and the transmitter can be flange or bracket mounted. These make sure the hydrostatic level transmitter is easy for installation and use.
3. Without moving parts, the level transmitter offers high reliability and long service life.
4. It supports accurate level indication for water, oil, and even high viscosity pastes, and is immune from the influence of bubbles, precipitation and electrical characteristics. Additionally, it offers wide temperature compensation.
5. Power supply reverse-phase protection and current-limiting style overload protection

Model Selection
Technical Specifications
Model HGLT02A1 HGTL02B1
Accuracy 0.25% F·S 0.5% F·S
Measuring range 0~1~100 (m)
Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~80 ℃
Operation temperature -20C ~70 ℃
Temperature error < 0.02%/C < 0.015%/C
Humidity <=95% RH
Local indication 0 ~ 100% uniform scale, 3 1/2 LED, 3 1/2 LCD
Load ability <=750Ohm
Gas-guide cable material Ø8 teflon , Ø8 polyvinyl-fluoride
Overload ability Triple span Double span
Output Two-wire 4~20mA DC, Four-wire 0~10mA DC
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