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RF Admittance Level Transmitter

This level transmitter is designed based on RF admittance principle. Supportingcontinuous level measurement, it is ideal for most applications. To illustrate, it is often found in the raw coal bunkers of power plants, crude oil and petroleum products storage tanks, reaction tanks, ore storage bunkers, impounding reservoirs, chemical storage bins, and more.

The RF admittance level transmitter is mainly composed of a circuit unit, an explosion protection housing, and a lever type or cable type sensing element. The sensor is available in multiple models for option, and the whole level measuring instrument has integral and split-type installation options.

Great versatility

The RF admittance level transmitter supports both liquid level measurement and material level measurement. It can meet the measuring requirements of different mediums under varied temperature and pressure conditions. It is ideal for harsh environments where there are corrosive substances or severe vibrations.

Prevent measuring error caused by material-sticking
Due to unique electrical circuit design and level sensor structure, the RF admittance level transmitter can effectively avoid measuring error caused by material sticking on the sensor. Thus, there is no demand for periodical cleaning of the sensor.

Maintenance free
Without moving parts, the level transmitter avoids mechanical parts wearing or damage, and thus is maintenance free.

Contact measurement ensures superior anti-jamming performance. It can effectively avoid measuring errors caused by steam, bubbles and mixing.

Accurate and reliable
Diversified measurement parameters ensures more accurate measuring. Exempt from the influence of environmental changes, the level transmitter offers high stability and long lifespan.

Technical Specifications
Power supply 13V DC ~ 35VDC
Output 4-20mA
Ambient temperature -40~70℃
Medium temperature -100~ 800℃
Linearity 0.5%
Repeatability 0.1%
Time delay 1-30s adjustable
Spark protection Built-in spark protection circuit (protect the level sensor)
Electrical interface M20* 1.5
Cable Length of connection cable for the split-style electronic unit and the sensor: 5m (standard), 50m(maximum)
Process connection BSPT thread mounting (standard)
Flange mounting (optional)
Protection grade of housing IP66
Explosion protection Exia II CT4
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