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Magnetostrictive Level Meter

1. The magnetostrictive level meter is designed for non-contact level measurement
2. Multiple output modes for option
3. No need for periodical calibration and maintenance
4. The level transmitter is custom made according to clients' demands
5. Great lightning protection and anti-RF interference performance
6. Adjustable zero point and scale span
7. Explosion protection: Exd II BT5, EXia IIBT5
8. The magnetostrictive level meter supports measuring the liquid level of pressurized or non-pressurized vessels.
9. Available with ancillary attachments, the magnetostrictive level sensor eliminates the demand for additional accessories and electronic devices, and thus is easy for installation.

1. Liquid level measurement and control in industrial fields
2. Liquid level control in chemical process
3. Fluid container level control in food and beverage industry
4. Drinking water and waste water processing industry
5. Measuring and control system of gas stations
6. Oil level control for oil tanks
7. Liquid level control for pharmaceutical processing tanks
8. Water level monitoring for dams
9. Liquid level control for water tanks and acid-base storage tanks in power plants

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