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Magnetic Level Gauge

According to relevant standards or customer demands, the magnetic level gauge can be additionally designed with a level transmitter so as to output multiple types of electrical signal, such as current signal, voltage signal and switching signal. 4-20mA current signal is one of the most popular styles of output signal.

While monitoring the liquid level, magnetic memory switch signal can be used for liquid level control and alarming. 4-20mA transmitter serves to remotely send the changes of liquid level to control room, thus allowing for remote distance monitoring and control.

The magnetic level gauge can also be designed with liquid level switch (magnetic memory or photoelectric type) or liquid level transmitter (magnetostriction, guide wave radar, or magnetic float type) for remote signal transmission. The float can be custom designed to meet high temperature, high pressure and low density application demands. Titanium, 316L and PTFE lining ensures great corrosion resistance, enabling the magnetic level indicator to work in any environment.

Our magnetic level gauge has been widely utilized for liquid level measurement and level process control purposes in industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, power generation, food, pharmaceutical, paper making, and more.

1. Simple structure, reliable and stable performance
2. Support local display; the display is clear and easy to read
3. Ideal for measuring and indicating the level of corrosive, inflammable, toxic, high temperature, or contaminated liquids, as well as liquids being agitated
4. The magnetic level gauge is available with multiple installation and connection methods for option
5. Designed working pressure: vacuum ~ 10MPa
6. Designed working temperature: -160~450℃
7. Custom designed magnetic level gauges are available to meet special pressure and temperature applications

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