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Radar Level Transmitter

HGRD700 Series

HGRD700 series radar level transmitter is a continuous level measurement solution for liquids, slurries and granular materials with relatively small dielectric constant. It is applicable for places with high temperature and pressure changes, or places with inert gases or steam.

Wide application range

The radar level transmitter supports both liquid level measurement and solid level measurement under varied temperature and pressure conditions. Its maximum working temperature is up to 200℃ and the maximum working pressure is up to 2MPa. It offers great performance even under corrosive, vibrating and other harsh environments.

No error caused by material-sticking
With unique electrical circuit and level sensor structure design, the radar level transmitter is able to effectively avoid measuring error caused by material sticking.

Maintenance free
No moving parts are involved during the measuring process. Thus, the damage of mechanical parts can be avoided, ensuring maintenance free lifespan.

Anti-jamming performance
Contact measurement ensures great anti-jamming performance. The radar level transmitter can avoid measuring errors caused by influence factors such as steam, bubbles, and mixing. Immune from environmental changes, it offers enhanced stability and long service life.

Model Selection
Technical Specifications
Model HGRD701 HGRD702 HGRD703
Application Liquid, powder, solid particles
Measuring range 30 m 6 m 6 m
Process connection Thread, flange
Process temperature -40~250 ℃
Process pressure -1.0~ 20 bar
Accuracy +/-1mm
Frequency range 100 MHZ ... 1.8 GHZ
Explosive-proof grade / protection grade Exia I I C T6/IP67
Signal output 4-20mA / HART (2 wire)
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