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Digital Pressure Gauge

The AD series digital pressure gauge adopts CMOS micropower integrated circuit and an 18 x 9mm segment LCD display which features wide temperature range and wide viewing angle. Powered by two AA(LR6)1.5V alkaline batteries, it is the best pressure measuring solution for places without external power supply.

In addition, the pressure measuring instrument has strong anti-explosion performance, and thus is a popular selection in industries such as metallurgy, chemical, power generation, textile, etc.

Performance Features
1. Due to the adoption of imported micropower integrated circuit with high precision and low drifting, the digital pressure gauge features very low power consumption.
2. Strong anti-jamming function and fast measuring and response speed.
3. The pressure gauge is designed with stainless steel housing and silicon rubber seals, and thus has great performance in dust prevention, moisture resistance and vibration resistance. It can be installed and used in any harsh environments.

Technical Information
1. Display: 3.5 bit
2. Power supply: Two AA(LR6) 1.5 V alkaline batteries
3. Power consumption: 5mW (can work for 2 months powered by two alkaline batteries)
4. Protection grade: IP65 or better

Model Selection
AD-Y Digital Pressure Gauge
Code Measuring range
1 Negative pressure of gas: -100~0Kpa, -60~0Kpa, -25~0Kpa, -10~0Kpa
2 Positive and negative pressure of gas: -100~100Kpa, -60~60Kpa, -25~25Kpa, -10~10Kpa,
3 Positive pressure of gas: 0~1Kpa, 0~2Kpa, 0~10Kpa, 0~100Kpa, 0~200Kpa, 0~400Kpa, 0~600Kpa,
4 Negative pressure of liquid: -100~0Kpa, -60~0Kpa
5 Positive and negative pressure of liquid: -100~100Kpa, -100~250Kpa, -100~600Kpa
6 Positive pressure of liquid: 0~1Kpa, 0~2Kpa, 0~4Kpa, 0~6Kpa, 0~10Kpa, 0~40Kpa, 0~600Mpa,
Code Accuracy Class
1 Class 0.1
2 Class 0.2
3 Class 0.5
4 Class 1.0
Code Mounting method
1 M20*1.5
2 1/2NPT
3 Upon request
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