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Pressure Sensor

Diffused silicon pressure sensor is often used in industries with high demands on automation, including heat supply, refrigeration, chemical engineering, coal mining, petroleum, food processing, water supply, etc. Because of its intrinsic characteristics, this collection of pressure transmitter cannot be used for high or low temperature mediums.

Main Technical Information of the Pressure Sensor
Measuring range -100KPa ~ 60MPa
Accuracy level Class 0.1, Class 0.2, Class 0.5
Ambient temperature -40 ~ 70 ℃
Medium temperature -40 ~ 125 ℃
Long term stability Better than 0.1% F·S / year
Working voltage 12.5 ~ 36VDC -AC220v
Output signal 4-20mA (two wire system) 0/1-5VDC (three wire system)
Span shift 1/10 of calibrated span
Vibration influence 0.01%F.S (200Hz/g, any axis)
Protection grade IP65
Explosion protection technique Exia Ⅱ CT4, intrinsically safe
Material Housing: molded cast aluminum
Diaphragm: 96% alumina ceramics
Process connector: 316L stainless steel or flange connector, flat diaphragm is available
Seal ring NBR, silicon rubber, fluororubber
Accuracy class ±0.25% intrinsic error
Non-linear error ≤±0.3%FS
Hysteresis error ≤±0.3%FS
Output characteristics ① 4-20mA output: 0-600Ω load resistance
② 4-20mA two wire system output: standard DC24V power supply
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