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Pressure Transmitter

This line of pressure transmitter has strong anti-overload performance and impact resistance. Its overload capacity is multiple times of its measuring range. Even direct knocking on measuring elements cannot damage the pressure transducer, and won't cause bad influence on measuring accuracy.

The pressure transmitter has high stability. The full scale error is less than 0.1% every year, which is comparable with that of smart pressure measuring devices.

Low temperature drift. The measuring elements eliminate the demand for filling fluid. Thus, the pressure sensor can acquire very high measuring accuracy which cannot be affected by the temperature gradient.

The pressure transmitter has a wide range of applications, and features convenient installation and maintenance. It supports any-position installation.

Main Technical Information
Measuring range -100KPa ~ 60MPa
Accuracy level Class 0.1, Class 0.2, Class 0.5
Ambient temperature -40 ~ 70 ℃
Medium temperature -40 ~ 125 ℃ (temperature compensation -20 ~80 ℃ )
Long term stability Better than 0.1% F·S / year
Working voltage 12.5 ~ 36VDC -AC220v
Output signal 4-20mA (two wire system) 0/1-5VDC (three wire system)
Span shift 1/10 of calibrated span
Vibration influence 0.01%F.S (200Hz/g, any axis)
Protection grade IP65
Explosion protection technique Exia Ⅱ CT4, intrinsically safe
Associated apparatus LB802
Material Housing: molded cast aluminum
Diaphragm: 96% alumina ceramics
Process connector: 316L stainless steel
Seal ring NBR, silicon rubber, fluororubber
Accuracy class ±0.25% intrinsic error
Non-linear error ≤±0.3%FS
Hysteresis error ≤±0.3%FS
Output characteristics ① 0-10mA output: 0-15KΩload resistance
② 4-20mA output: 0-600Ωload resistance
③ Constant output: internal resistance higher than10M Ω
④ 4-20mA two wire system output: standard DC24V power supply
Explosion-proof sign (RPT- Ⅲ ): Exia Ⅱ CT4-6

Diffused Silicon Pressure Sensor
This selection of pressure transmitter is designed to use match with various types of indicating instrument, digital pressure gauges and digital potentiometers. It can also be used with automatic regulatory systems or computer systems.
The measuring instrument has high accuracy, and the highest accuracy is up to 0.1% F·S. It has external zero adjustment and full scale adjustment optional designs. It is suitable for low pressure range measuring and has strong overload capacity.

Accuracy 0.1%F·S, 0.25%F·S, 0.5%F·S
Measuring range -95KPa~35MPa
Measuring medium Liquid, gas, steam
Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~125 ℃
Operating temperature -10 ℃ ~80 ℃
Anticorrosive material 316L stainless steel, ceramic, Teflon
Temperature influence <0.02%/ ℃
Load resistance ≤750Ω
Overload capacity 1~2 times of measuring range
Protection grade IP65
Relative humidity ≤95%RH
Output 4~20mA DC two wire system
Associated apparatus EXZ231B type guard grating
Weight <1Kg
Temperature coefficient of zero point <0.02%/ ℃
Temperature coefficient of full scale <0.02%/ ℃
Power supply voltage 24V DC
Explosive-proof grade ia Ⅱ CT5
Mounting position Any position
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