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Differential Pressure Transmitter with Remote Diaphragm Seal

This selection of differential pressure transmitter features remote diaphragm seal, and thus it is also called remote seal transmitter. While adopting imported key raw material, key components and parts, etc., the whole unit undergoes strict assembly and testing. The pressure transmitter is engineered based on advanced design philosophies, and features wide selection in models and convenient installation and usage.

1. Simple structure. Without any moving parts or elastic elements, the differential pressure transmitter is provided with very high reliability and small maintenance.
2. Convenient installation. Built-in structure design makes the measuring device easy for installation, without the demand for any tool.
3. Convenient adjustment. Zero and span potentiometers support random and independent adjustment of zero shift and measuring range within effective liquid level measurement range.
4. Extensive use. The differential pressure transmitter supports liquid level measuring for high temperature, high pressure and strongly corrosive mediums.

Main Technical Information
Effective detection range: 0-0.2-20m
Accuracy: Class 0.5, Class 1, Class 1.5
Pressure bearing capacity: negative pressure, normal pressure, high pressure (≤32Mpa)
Working temperature: -50~240℃
Ambient temperature: -20~75℃
Applicable medium: Acid, alkali, salt or any other medium that are not corrosive to Teflon
Output signal: 4-20mA, two wire system
Power supply: 0-750Ω load resistance, DC24V
Mounting method: M20×1.5 screw thread mounting, M27×2 flange mounting, DN15, DN25, DN50, DN80
Local display methods: 0-100% analog display, digital display

Types of Remote Diaphragm Seal
1. Flat diaphragm seal
2. Thread mounting type
3. Flange mounting type
4. Inset barrel type

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