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Gauge Pressure Transmitter with Diaphragm Seal

The gauge pressure transmitter is designed with diaphragm seal. It is a kind of single flange mounted pressure sensor adopting isolated capacitor, and is resistant to corrosive mediums such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonia water, hydrogen nitrate, NaOH, etc. The novel pressure transducer can be mounted directly on pipelines or vessels.

The gauge pressure transmitter supports accurate measuring of liquid level and medium density for various vessels. It is available in plate flange and insert flange versions, and is applicable for high viscosity mediums or liquid suspensions.

Due to adoption of laser calibration, temperature compensation, analog signal intelligent processing, and other advanced technologies and techniques, the gauge pressure transmitter is provided with features such as high accuracy, enhanced reliability, fast response, and stable performance.

1. The gauge pressure transmitter can act as a level measuring device to measure the liquid level in open or enclosed vessels. Liquid level measuring accuracy is up to 0.25%.
2. 3 or 4 inch flat diaphragm or protruded diaphragm is optional
3. Multiple types of filling fluid are optional
4. Damping adjustable
5. Liquid contacting parts are made of stainless steel, hastelloy C-276 or tantalum

Performance and Parameters
Output signal 4~ 20mA.DC two-wire system (analog)
Two wire system 4~ 20mA DC signal superposed with digital signal; linear output or square root extraction output options. (smart transmitter)
Power supply 12~ 45V.DC
Turndown ratio 10 : 1 or 100 : 1
Impact of power supply <0.005% output range /V
Impact of loading No loading impact when the power supply is stable
Measuring accuracy ±0.1% of calibrated measuring range (Standard accuracy is ±0.2%, so please make a note while placing orders if other accuracy level is required)
Damping Adjustable between 0.1~16 seconds
The time constant will increase when the gauge pressure transmitter is filled with inert filling liquid or equipped with remote seal)
Starting time <2 seconds, without the demand for pre-heating
Working conditions Ambient temperature:
-29~ 93 ℃ (analogue amplifier)
-29~ 75 ℃ (digital / intelligent amplifier)
-29~ 65 ℃ (counter assembly with display unit )
Relative humidity 0~ 95%
Protection grade IP65
Explosion protection technique Flame-proof type: Exd II BT4-6
Intrinsic safety type: Exia II CT5
Influence of static pressure Zero error of differential pressure transmitters: ±0.1%F.S. or ±0.25%F.S. (can be calibrated via zero setting when working pressure is 14MPa )
Zero error of hydrostatic pressure transmitters: ±0.5%F.S. (can be calibrated via zero setting when working pressure is 32MPa )
Impact of electromagnetic radiation 0.05% maximum measuring range; Received radiation frequency: 27~ 500MHz;
Testing field intensity: 3V/m
Dial indicator (%) : LCD digital display with accuracy of ±0.2%
Vibration influence ±0.05%/g if there is 200Hz vibration from any direction
Installation position When the diaphragm isn't mount vertically, there may be 0.24KPa zero error which can be corrected via zero setting
Weight 6Kg (excluding attachments)
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