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Differential Pressure Gauge with High Static Pressure

This differential pressure gauge offer customers an idealpressure measuring solution for high static pressure applications. It is compatible with liquids and gases which are non-crystallizing, non-solidifying, and not corrosive to stainless steel.

Technical Specifications of High Static Pressure Differential Gauge
Model YCBF150-D
Type 1: YCBF150-D / C Measuring range: 0 ~ 16 ~ 25…600 KPa Max. static pressure: 10 MPa
Type 2: YCBF150-D / M Measuring range: 0 ~ 10 ~ 25…600 KPa Max. static pressure: 1.6MPa ~ 30 MPa
Dial diameter 150 mm
Accuracy +/-1.6%, +/-2.5%
Working temperature Maximally 80 ℃
Housing material 304SS, 316SS
Measuring element material 304 SS, 316SS, 316LSS
Connection (+) for high pressure end, ( - ) for low pressure end M20*1.5, 1/2" NPT, G 1/2 " , or customized
Protection grade IP56, IP67
Installation method Radial direction installation with mounting bracket
Special designs With electrical contact and stainless steel 3- or 5-valve manifolds
Filling liquid for counter assembly Threaded or flanged capillary tube connection
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