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Gauge Pressure Transmitter

The gauge pressure transmitter is mainly composed of the pressure sensor, measuring circuit, and process connectors. It can convert gas or liquid pressure, which are sensed by the pressure sensor, into standard electrical signals, such as 4~20mADC, etc. Then, the signals are send to secondary instruments such as alarm parameters, recorders, and regulators for measuring, indication and process regulation purposes.

Pressure transmitters under testing
Technical Specifications
Analog quantity 4 ~ 20mADC two-wire system
Digital quantity 4 ~ 20mADC two-wire system superposed with process variable digital signals conforming to HART protocol
Power supply 12.5 ~ 45VDC
Load limits The maximum load resistance ( Rmax ) of loop is determined by the power supply voltage.
250Ω-600Ω load resistance for HART communications
Communication distance Max. communication distance: 1.5km
Multistation communication supports maximum connection of 15 smart transmitters
Output display Four-digit digital display
Five-digit LCD display
Pointer display
Explosion protection technique Intrinsic safety type: ExiaII CT5; flame-proof type
Zero shift Both positive and negative shift are supported. But please notice that never make the measuring range exceed the measuring limits
Temperature range Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃
(-20 ~ 70 ℃ for LCD display type)
Medium temperature range -40 ~ 104 ℃
Static pressure and one-way communication overpressure range 3.45Kpa (absolute pressure)~ 31.2MPa (gauge pressure)
Relative humidity 5 ~ 98%
Starting time ≤5 seconds
Capacity variation < 0.16cm 3
Damping adjustment Time constant 0.20 ~ 25seconds
Failure alarm When sensor or electrical circuit break down, the automatic diagnosis function will allow for 3.9 or 21.0mA output
Configuration protection Software or protection switch can be used to lock the storage data, thus avoiding unauthorized changing of configuration database.
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