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Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Our thermal mass flowmeter is engineered for direct measurement of mass flow for gases, without the need for temperature and pressure compensation. It features high accuracy and long term operation stability.

The thermal mass flowmeter is a great solution for mass flow measurement for compressed air and process air. Thus, it is often used for biogas flow measurement in wastewater treatment plants, coal gas flow measurement in steel plants and coking plants, air mass flow and secondary air flow measurement in boilers, flue gas flow measurement in chimney, as well as the mass flow measurement for gases generated during production in cement plants, cigarette plants, and glassworks.

1. Serve as gas flow meter without need for temperature and pressure compensation
2. Broad measuring range: 0.1Nm/s~100Nm/s
3. Without pressure loss, the thermal mass flowmeter fits for arbitrary-shaped pipelines with known cross-section area.
4. Corrosion resistant sensor makes the gas flow measuring device fit for corrosive gases.
5. Insert style sensor supports on-line installation and maintenance.
6. With accurate measuring for whole measurement range, the thermal mass flowmeter can be used for trade settlement and gas leakage detection purposes.
7. LCD display: 8 Numbers With Radix Point+24 DOS Prompt
8. Measuring functions: mass flow rate, volume flow rate, cumulative flow, time, cumulative running time
9. Max. instantaneous flow rate: 999999.9
10. Max. cumulative flow: 99999999×103
11. Signal output: 4~20mA, RS-485
12. Powered by lithium/manganese dioxide battery
13. The thermal mass flowmeter comes with four built-in buttons for parameter setting: MENU, CUS (cursor movement), UP (number increase) and ENT (confirm)

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