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Metal Tube Rotameter

HG5 series metal tube rotameter is also called a variable area flow meter. It is widely used in the processing control of industrial automation, for measuring the flow rate which is changing along with the tube area. The measuring meter has merits such as compact size, broad measurement range and convenient use. It can be used to measure liquid, gas and vapor flow. It especially fits for accurate flow measurement for fluids with low flow velocity and little flow rate.

The metal tube rotameter is available in local display type and smart remote type. Its LCD indicator with a pointer supports displaying instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow. The rotameter also has functions such as upper-limit and lower-limit alarm output, accumulative pulse output, batch control, standard two-wire 4-20mA current output, etc. In addition, the measuring instrument employs advanced microprocessor chip and high quality industrialized components from Motorola corporation to ensure great performance in all application fields.

Metal tube rotameters have been well received for many years by industries such as petrochemical, steel and iron, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and water processing.

Main Features and Functions
1. Stable performance, little maintenance and long service life
2. Low requirement to straight pipe part
3. Broader ratio of flow rate 10:1
4. With two-wire LCD indicator, the metal tube rotameter supports display both instant and cumulative flow rates. Backlight is optional.
5. Single axis and sensitive display
6. Non-contact magnetic coupling
7. The metal tube flow meter can be applied in flammable and explosive environments as well as many other hazardous occasions.
8. All-metal structure makes it fit for high temperature, high pressure and mediums with strong erosion.
9. Two-wire power supply system, battery, and AC power supply systems are optional.
10. Multi-parameters calibration function
11. Date recovery, date copy and power-off protection functions are available.

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