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Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

1. Introduction
The ultrasonic open channel flow meter measures liquid levels in a channel by transmitting a pulse of sound from the face of a sensor to the surface of the flow stream of liquid, then measures the time it takes for an echo to return. This time corresponds to the distance between the sensor surface and liquid surface. Our ultrasonic open channel flow meters contain the main unit and sensor, which are connected to each other using a cable. The sensor detects the liquid level in a weir or flume, based on sound wave reflection. The main unit then uses a related formula to calculate the liquid flow which passes through the weir or flume.
The ultrasonic open channel flow meter is non-contact instrument, widely used in monitoring ground water flow, industrial wastewater discharge and accurately measuring open channel flows.

2. Advantages
1) Non-contact measuring: The sensor does not come into contact with the measured medium, which leads to no abrasion or corrosion and makes it easy to maintain the sensor.
2) High accuracy: The liquid level change is 1mm, and the volume flow will also change correspondingly
3) Suitable for many weirs and flumes: support international and ISO weirs and grooves such as Parshall flume, triangular weir (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°), rectangular weirs (can customize the weir’s width), and the ability to input the formula for calculating volume flow.
4) LCD display with backlight, operation language options: Chinese / English
5) Users can set the flow unit, correct accumulated flow and set many other menu items
6) Simple to program, easy to operate
7) Sensor weather proof grade: IP68
8) The sensor has a strong anti-interference performance, low blind area, high sensitivity, and the length of the cable connecting the sensor to the main unit can reach to 1000m
9) Can supply 6 relay outputs, pulse output of accumulated flow
10) Can supply RS485 communication base on Modbus-RTU protocol
11) Can supply corresponding manipulator for efficient operation
12) Can customize solar power supply mode, wireless transmission (database server is in China)

To select a suitable model, we generally need to know the following information:
1. Flow range
2. Power supply
3. Output
4. Corresponding weir (In case the flow rate is provided, we may also select accordingly)

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