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Vortex Precession Gas Flowmeter

As one of the basic forms of vortex flow meter, the vortex precession gas flowmeter comes with compact design. It is mainly composed of the housing, vortex generating unit, rectifier, supporting bracket, converter, as well as temperature, pressure and flow sensors.

Adopting the latest micro processing technique, the vortex precession gas flowmeter features powerful functions, broad flow measurement range, simple operation and maintenance, convenient use and installation, etc. It is widely used for gas flow measurement in industries such as petroleum, chemical, power generation, metallurgy, and coal mining.

Design Features
1. Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors ensure higher safety performance, smaller size and aesthetical appearance.
2. The vortex precession meter supports on-site display of temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow.
3. Due to adoption of novel signal processing amplifier and unique smoothing technique, the vortex precession gas flowmeter can effectively get rid of the jamming signals caused by pressure fluctuation and pipeline vibration. This greatly improves the anti-jamming capability of the flow meter, and ensures high performance stability even when the flow rate is low.
4. Available with time display and real time data storage functions, the gas flow meter will never loss the storage data under any circumstances.
5. With very low power consumption, the swirl flowmeter can work for a very long time only with its built-in batteries. Thus, it is an ideal measuring instrument that requires no external power supply and supports on-site display. Upon request, the gas flowmeter can also be powered by external power supply.
6. The vortex precession gas flowmeter has reliable anti-theft function, and is also designed with password protection function to prevent parameter-changing without authorization.
7. The counter assembly supports 180 degree rotation and thus the flow meter is convenient for installation.

Performance Parameters
Ambient temperature: -30℃~+55℃
Relative humidity: 5%~95%
Atmosphere pressure: 86KPa~106KPa
Medium temperature range: -20℃~+70℃
Nominal pressure: 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.3MPa

Performance Features
1. The vortex precessiongas flowmeter features no moving parts and great corrosion resistance, and thus has high reliability and stability as well as long service life. It requires no special maintenance even after long term operation.
2. The 16-bit computer chip ensures high integration, small size, enhanced performance, and powerful functions.
3. The intelligent flowmeter is an integration of flow probe, microprocessor, as well as pressure and temperature sensors. Built-in structure design makes the flowmeter more compact in size. While supporting direct measuring of flow rate, pressure and temperature, it can also realize real-time tracking and compensation as well as the correction of compressibility factor.
4. Double-detection technique can effectively improve the detection signal intensity and avoid the interference caused by pipeline vibration.
5. Intelligent anti-vibration technique efficiently suppresses the jamming signal caused by vibration and pressure fluctuation.
6. Dot-matrix display ensures more display digits and more convenient and direct data reading. It supports direct display of volumetric flow under working status, the volumetric flow and cumulative flow under standard status, as well as other parameters such as medium pressure, temperature, etc.
7. The converter can output frequency pulse and 4-20mA analog signal. It is designed with RS485 interface to allow for direct networking with micro computers. The transmission distance is up to 1.2km.
8. Matching with FM data acquisition unit, the vortex precession gas flowmeter is enabled to perform remote data transmission via internet or telephone network.
9. Pressure and temperature signals are input via transmitters, which ensures great interconvertibility.

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