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Verabar Flowmeter

Verabar flowmeter is a precision flow measurement solution for gases, liquids and steam. As a kind of flow sensor combining differential pressure and averaging pitot tube techniques, it measures flow by making use of the differential pressure generated by the sensor in fluids. Verabar flowmeter authentically reflects the flow rate of fluids. Its accuracy reaches ± 1.0% and its repeatability is up to ± 0.1%.

Performance Specifications
1. Accuracy: ± 1%; repeatability: ± 0.1%
2. Working pressure: 0~40MPa; working temperature: -180℃~+ 550℃
3. Measurement range: the maximum measurement capacity depends on the strength of probe, and the minimum capacity depends on the minimum differential pressure
4. Turndown ratio: > 10:1
5. Compatible pipe caliber (round/square pipes): 38mm~9,000mm

Compatible Mediums
The Verabar flowmeter combines functions of gas flowmeters, steam flowmeters and liquid flowmeters. It is compatible with full-flow and uniflow single-phase gases and steams, as well as liquids with viscosity less than 10 centipoise, typically including:
natural gas, cooling water, saturated steam
compressed air, boiler water, superheated steam
natural gas, demineralized water
gaseous hydrocarbon, liquefied hydrocarbon
heated air, cryogenic liquid
producer gas, heat conducting liquids

We can recommend the best model based on parameters such as pipe caliber, fluid type, pressure, temperature, and so on.

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