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V-cone Flowmeter

V-cone flowmeters come with high accuracy, high stability and high turndown ratio. It is compatible with almost all fluids, such as liquids, gases and steam. Rather than common throttling elements with center holes, the flow meter adopts its V-cone body to create throttling effect.

The V-cone flowmeter supports working under the highest temperature up to 800℃, and the highest pressure up to 10.5Mpa. If fabricate its housing from special material, its working temperature and pressure could be higher.

Our selection of V-cone flowmeters supports measuring fluids with the maximum Reynolds number up to 5 million, and the minimum Reynolds number of 8000. It can produce full-scale differential pressure signal between 0.1 and dozens of Kpa.

1. Great accuracy (≤0.5%) and repeatability (≤0.1%)
2. Wide turndown ratio (10:1~ 15:1)
3. Available with flow rectification function, the flow measuring instrument requires minimal straight pipe (front: 1~3D, back: 0~1D)
4. Self-cleaning function allows the V-cone flowmeter to measure the flow of fouling fluids, fluids easy to scale, and mediums with high content of impurities such as blast furnace gas.
5. Self-protection function: Wearing-free design for key parts of throttling element enables the measuring device to work stably in long run.
6. Resistant to high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, and vibration
7. Compatible pipe diameter: DN15~DN3000
8. The special structure design prevents the flow meter from holding back any gaseous, liquid or solid impurities. Thus, it is the best flow measurement solution for fouling fluids such as coke oven gas, moist gas, etc.
9. No moving parts
10. When fluids pass through the V-cone, a bounding layer will be created surrounding the cone body, and the fluids will be diverted to avoiding wearing to the cone tail.
11. The V-cone flowmeter is especially suitable for use in heat exchange stations for flow measurement of steam and hot water, as it boasts no demand for straight pipes.

1. Serve as gas flow meter to measure the flow of various gases, including hydrocarbon gas, corrosive gases, coal gas, natural gas, etc.
2. Serve as steam flowmeter to measure the flow of saturated steam and superheated steam
3. Serve as liquid measurement solution to measure the flow of oils, water, aqueous solution, and organic chemicals
4. V-cone flowmeter is also widely applied to special fluids such as: oil+HC gas+sand, air water mixture, H2O+N2+air, H2O+CO2, etc.

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