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Oval Gear Flowmeter

Oval gear flowmeter is one of the types of volumetric flow meter. It is also called positive displacement meter, or simply gear flow meter. It is used to accurately measure the flow of liquids inside pipelines, and supports both continuous and intermittent measurement. It is applicable for mediums with high viscosity, such as heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol, resin and more.

Our range of oval gear flowmeters can be fabricated from varied materials, such as cast iron, cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, etc. It is an ideal industrial flow measurement solution for industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, power generation, metallurgy, and food processing.

1. The flow measurement can be performed without considering the flow condition of fluids, as oval gear meters conduct measuring relying on measured medium's pushing force to gears.
2. The higher the medium viscosity, the smaller leakage between the gear and measurement chamber. Thus, oval gear flowmeters are the best solution for high-viscosity medium flow measurement, and offers higher accuracy when used for high-viscosity medium.

Oval gear flow meters are not designed for fluids with solid particles, as solid particles may cause gear stucking.
When they are used for measuring liquids containing gases, the measurement accuracy may decrease.

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