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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

1. The electromagnetic flowmeter comes with simple but firm structure, and comes without movable parts. It has long operation life and one year guarantee.
2. Without fluid flow intercepting parts, there is no pressure loss and fluid clogging.
3. Without mechanical inertia, the electromagnetic flowmeter offers quick response and good stability. It is often applied in automatic examination, adjustment and controlling applications.
4. The flow measurement instrument has high measuring accuracy which won't be influenced by physical parameters such as the fluid style, temperature, viscosity, density and pressure.
5. The adoption of Teflon or rubber liner, as well as the combination of electrode materials such as Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, 316L, and Titanium, make the magnetic flow meter adapt to the need of different mediums.
6. Different styles of electromagnetic flowmeters are available, such as in-line flowmeters, insertion flowmeters, and more.
7. The measuring instrument adopts EEPROM memory to measure operation data, which ensures safe and reliable protection of memory.
8. Integral and remote type flow meters are both available.
9. LCD back light display offers high clearness. LED back light display is optional.
10. Bi-directional measurement function is optional.
11. The electromagnetic flowmeter is approved by CE, EMC and ISO.

Design Principle and Details
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of induction instrument designed based on Faraday's law of induction. It serves to measure the flow of conductive media in a tube. It employs an inserted chip to realize digital excitation and a CAN bus as the local filedbus.

Functions and Applications
Our line of electromagnetic flow meter can realize local indication of flow and also supports output of electrical current signal between 4 and 20mA which can be recorded, adjusted and controlled. The flow meter is extensively used in industries such as chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper making, water supply and wastewater removal, and more.

In addition to measuring the flow of general conductive liquids, electromagnetic flowmeters can also measure the flow of liquid-solid mixed fluid, high-viscosity fluid and salt, as well as strong acid and alkali fluids.

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